On Mondays

I want to make it clear that I love my job. It is the kind of job I always imagined having while I was going through school. I get my own cubicle with a window, a decent computer, a bunch of cool design and analysis software, and a decent amount of time spent out of the office in the field looking at buildings and structures. I can’t imagine a better balance or office and field work. It challenges me and keeps me busy.

But that doesn’t mean that I welcome Mondays.

I never hear the alarm go off in the mornings anymore since we keep the phones plugged in on my fiance’s side of the bed. He snoozes the alarm and I roll over on him to get comfortable for the 9 more minutes of sleep that the snooze allows… and then sometimes an additional 9 after the snooze alarm goes off.

But today even after getting up and doing field work and getting back into the office, I never really made it out of bed. One of those Mondays just counting down until I am back home again. One of those Mondays spent mourning the loss of the weekend.


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