Wedding Planning

I never had a dream wedding in my head. Since my friends have started getting married it’s been more of a, “I like that they did this…” and “I do NOT like that they did this…” And, since D and I got together and have been going to these weddings together, we have been making these observations together.

And now we are trying to take all that and implement it into our own wedding.

Our wedding isn’t a huge, over the top, over planned ordeal. I mean, we are (just) over six months away and of course things could change, but I doubt it will. We are holding it in a downtown venue with dinner and drinks and dancing; pretty traditional as far as that goes. But we’re not doing huge centerpieces and a stiff ceremony that is long enough to allow the photographers to get pictures. We want to get married, and then we want to celebrate with people we love. So, the ceremony is going to be quick, and then it’ll be time to party!

Even with such a relaxed view of the event, the pricing is out of this world. My parents are incredibly generous and have given us money to use for the wedding. Whatever amount we don’t use on the wedding, we’re allowed to keep for ourselves afterwards (to put towards our student debt or as a down payment on a home, etc.). Because of this arrangement, we are obviously trying very hard to keep costs down everywhere we can. But even still… it’s hard to sit and look at my budget laid out in a spreadsheet and not cringe at the total number. I fully believe we will come in under our budget but I still wish the whole thing could be cheaper.

And I’m sure there are ways to do it cheaper. Like, we could’ve just gotten a permit and gone to a park and be done with it. But we decided on the few things that were important to us, and even though these items came with large price tags I have to keep reminding myself that these were the areas we decided to spend money on. And after the money is all spent and the day is over, I’m (almost) positive I will be happy with the choices we made.


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