Sunday Funday

It’s so easy to send a quick, “I miss you! Let’s get together soon!” text to a friend who you really do miss and want to see soon, but never follow through with making any plans.

Through some sort of small miracle, I got a text from a good friend saying he missed us and gave us a few options for weekends he and his wife were available to make the 40 minute drive to hang out with D and me. We sent a few texts back and forth, settled on a date (yesterday), and were even able to wrangle another couple into the plans. We met for lunch at a favorite Mexican place and then had a few beers while watching football. It was basically the ideal friend date, and we got home in the early evening sleepy from food and booze and good conversation.

Such afternoons make me feel so lucky to have had these friends for so long. The friend who sent me the initial “I miss you” text is one I’ve had since high school, as is half of the third couple who joined us. They both married wonderful women who I feel lucky to call close friends, and I know that they love D as much I love their other halves.

It’s so easy to hug goodbye at the end of such a day, saying, “We’re not free next weekend but we can get together the following weekend… we’ll come visit you this time!” and be completely sincere in those vague plans. But then that weekend will come and be too busy with everything that crops up in life. It’s always too long between days spent like yesterday.


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