Not-Even-My-Own-Wedding Planning

It’s been a busy week!

My sister is getting married this weekend, then a good friend is getting married next Saturday, and then a new friend is having a wedding reception next Sunday that we are trying to hit as well.

For my sister’s wedding, I have had to go out and buy rain boots (“Even if it rains, we want to do pictures outside!”) because my waterproof hiking boots were not acceptable, get my bridesmaids dress ($$$) hemmed ($$) a full 1/2″ (!!!!!), bake bread for the post-wedding brunch the day after the wedding, work late all week so that I can leave early on Friday to get to the rehearsal time with out taking any vacation time (so I can go to my own wedding!), and go back and forth with my sister through GChat all week about wedding plans and stresses, etc. It’s a lot.

I love my sister, and I am so excited for her wedding, but it’s gotten to be so much because every event along the way has turned into an Event-with-a-capital-E. The bridal shower wasn’t just a shower, it was renting a venue and making centerpieces and getting cakes and making favors, then of course the actual shower itself. THEN after the shower it was a boat ride with the family and the bridesmaids and a slumber party on the boat with breakfast the next day (which I skipped, because I had my own things to be doing).

And now the wedding is the rehearsal dinner with the bridesmaids all sleeping over at the venue the night before followed by a full day (starting at 7 AM! for a 6 PM wedding!!!!) of hair and make up and photos and then, ya know, that whole wedding thing. THEN it’s another sleepover followed by a brunch at my parents house the next day.

If we count all the days that each of the wedding events (bridal shower, bachelorette, and wedding), this will be a grand total of 7 1/2 days devoted to my sister’s wedding… and I can’t even tell you how much money (I can’t tell you because I refuse to add it up because it will cause me actual physical pain). Her wedding is going to be beautiful, and I’m so excited to be able to give her that day, but damn will it be a relief for it to all be over with.

As if I didn’t already know before, but it has completely reinforced my stance on a low-key wedding. Yes, we are doing a venue with the catering and the DJ and all that jazz, but it’s going to be a 4 hour event with no. other. frills. Yeah, we are having a rehearsal dinner, but we want that just to be a way for people to mingle and get to know each other and as a way of thanking everyone for coming to the wedding. But that’s it. A grand total of 1.5 days, if even that, of wedding Events-with-a-capital-E. That’s all (more, even) than I need. I just want to marry that gorgeous guy.


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