Hi! I’m Katie.

I’m in Baltimore, where I live with my fiance who I am marrying in March 2016. I carry around a daily planner and can’t make a decision with out it… for which I get made fun of for it often, and love giving my dog Mayhem noogies (he likes it too, really). One of my life goals it to take a selfie with this handsome man in as many cities as humanly possible.

Pittsburgh, PA. September, 2014.

Growing up I always kept daily journals/diaries and have always just flat out enjoyed writing. That’s something that got pushed to the side when I was in grad school, and I never picked back up again once I started working full time three years ago. This blog is my attempt to get back into that, and maybe share some funny or interesting stuff I’ve picked up along the way.

See more of my writing on The Financial Diet and xoJane.


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