Waiting Rooms and X-ray Images

I don’t know if there is a place more lonely than a doctor’s office.

I’m a pretty healthy person, medically speaking. When getting the typical interrogation at the doctor’s office- have you had surgery on this? have you ever been prescribed that? -I typically cut the questions short with the response, “I’m medically boring.”

I’ve been a volleyball player for something like fifteen years (ah!). I’ve had the garden variety of mild injuries: rolled ankles, tweaked wrists, even an ingrown toe nail (which was way more painful than any of the other injuries combined). Once I finished playing in college I started playing recreationally once or twice a week, though the volleyball wasn’t that competitive. Once I moved to Baltimore I fell into a pretty competitive league pretty quickly, which was great.

Not only did we play once a week but several months a year we’d do weekend tournaments. It was at one of these tournaments (on Valentine’s Day this past February, to be exact) that I first felt a twinge in my shoulder. Being a lifelong athlete I took the typical stance of, Sometimes things hurt, it’ll work itself out.

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Wedding Assumptions, Debunked (and Ranted)

It’s not even noon over here at my office and already have been verbally assaulted by several wedding-related assumptions that down right pissed. me. off.

First. Fridays at my office are donut days; a few people rotate buying donuts for the group. I love donuts. I always eat a donut or two on Fridays. This morning as I was going over to grab one there was a woman in a different department fixing her morning coffee in the kitchen, and the CEO of my company walked in just as I was searching through the donut box to make my pick. He sees what I’m doing and says, “Stay away from those!” all jovial and bright. And I look up confused and ask why, and he says, “Aren’t you getting married? You can’t be eating those!” and the woman fixing her coffee laughs and says, “Yeah! You’re engaged! You aren’t supposed to be eating like that!”

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A Year of Mayhem

We adopted Mayhem on Halloween 2014, but it was around this time last year when we first spotted him online and started making arrangements to meet him.

We (D and I) had moved in together in August 2014 and, when apartment hunting, had only considered apartments that were dog-friendly. We had planned to wait until early 2015 to get a pup and, in our minds, a 1 year old dog would be perfect for us as we didn’t want to deal with potty training. But we saw 4 month old Dexter on PetFinder and couldn’t stop thinking about him… so I got in contact with his foster parent.

First day meeting Dexter (who we renamed to Mayhem). Look how little and wrinkly!
First day meeting Dexter (who we renamed to Mayhem). Look how little and wrinkly!

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Not-Even-My-Own-Wedding Planning

It’s been a busy week!

My sister is getting married this weekend, then a good friend is getting married next Saturday, and then a new friend is having a wedding reception next Sunday that we are trying to hit as well.

For my sister’s wedding, I have had to go out and buy rain boots (“Even if it rains, we want to do pictures outside!”) because my waterproof hiking boots were not acceptable, get my bridesmaids dress ($$$) hemmed ($$) a full 1/2″ (!!!!!), bake bread for the post-wedding brunch the day after the wedding, work late all week so that I can leave early on Friday to get to the rehearsal time with out taking any vacation time (so I can go to my own wedding!), and go back and forth with my sister through GChat all week about wedding plans and stresses, etc. It’s a lot.

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Sunday Funday

It’s so easy to send a quick, “I miss you! Let’s get together soon!” text to a friend who you really do miss and want to see soon, but never follow through with making any plans.

Through some sort of small miracle, I got a text from a good friend saying he missed us and gave us a few options for weekends he and his wife were available to make the 40 minute drive to hang out with D and me. We sent a few texts back and forth, settled on a date (yesterday), and were even able to wrangle another couple into the plans. We met for lunch at a favorite Mexican place and then had a few beers while watching football. It was basically the ideal friend date, and we got home in the early evening sleepy from food and booze and good conversation.

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Finding a voice…

Since this blogging thing is still so new to me, I constantly check and re-read everything I have posted (just me? or does anyone else do this?). I stand by everything I have posted so far, and it really just feels good to be writing more consistently. But damn it seems like I’m trying to be super deep and poetic all the time, huh?

It’s pretty easy for me to write about things that are long past because, as I have said, I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about them. I’m also a pretty private person so I don’t mind talking about things that happened super long ago instead of more recent things. But I plan to start sharing more, and doing so in a way that is less pensive and reflective. Sometimes I’m just going to talk about random shit, and I hope that’s okay. While sometimes my writing can come out sounding deep and meaningful, my daily voice is way more brash and rushed and peppered with sarcasm (whose isn’t anymore, though). .

Anyway. Just wanted to put that out there. For now, I’m going to blame my more recent reflective posts on the weather. It’s been rainy and gray here for what feels like weeks with no signs of stopping anytime soon. When it looks gray out the window it’s too easy to write in a melancholy voice.